Change your bin size

The City of Gold Coast offers different bin sizes and types to suit your waste requirements.

To help increase the separation and recovery of recyclable materials, and reduce waste going to landfill, you can:

  • upsize to the larger 360-litre recycling (yellow-lidded) bin
  • downsize to the smaller 140-litre general waste bin
  • order the optional 240-litre green organics bin or order an additional one
  • order a temporary bin.

You can also change your bin set to the Sustainability bundle, which makes it easy for you to choose the most effective bin set for your home.

Recycling bin with lid open

Find your bin size

The standard City bin size is 240 litres.

The size of your wheelie bin may be imprinted on the right-hand side of the top rim of your bin body.

The stamp will include information about the Australian Standard number, bin size (in litres) and bin weight (in kilograms).

You may need to know your bin size when requesting a larger or smaller bin, or wanting your bin repaired.

Order a 360-litre recycling bin

You can meet your recycling needs by getting this bigger recycling bin. The larger recycling bin will help you increase your recycling effort by an additional 50%.

Property owners or tenants can replace their standard recycling bin with the larger recycling bin by applying online or by printing a form to apply by mail or submit in person at one of our customer service centres.

Order 360-litre recycling bin online

Upsize to 360-litre residential recycling bin form(PDF, 104KB)

Payment options are included on the form. Also see our Register of fees and charges.

Please note: The establishment fee is not applicable to residents who have an existing larger (360-litre) general waste bin.

Get a smaller general waste bin

For residents with small waste outputs or restricted storage areas or verges, you can downsize to a smaller 140-litre wheelie bin.

For more information about downsizing your bin, property owners or property managers can contact us on 07 5667 5976.

Order an additional green organics bin

Larger green waste bins are not available due to the high moisture content in organic waste. The added weight causes more damage to the bin and the bin arms of the collection trucks. The larger size also encourages unacceptable size and diameter of waste, which can cause damage to the compaction mechanism of the collection trucks.

But, you can order an additional green organic waste bin. Green organic waste bin fees apply to each bin ordered. Alternatively, you can take your additional or unacceptable green waste to a Green organics drop & go.

Additional temporary bins

Property owners and property managers can order additional waste or recycling bin services for up to 3 months at your residence or building. Fees apply.

For more information about ordering additional or temporary bins and prices, property owners or property managers can contact us on 07 5667 5976.

Replacement bin

If your bin has been damaged or stolen, let us know by going to our Report a problem page.