Green organics bin

Green organics bins are now part of our standard waste collection services for most freestanding properties.

We have completed deliveries of new bins as part of our recent expansion. This does not include complexes with body corporates.

Please see the FAQs at the bottom of this page for further details.

Thanks for playing your part in reducing waste going to landfill.

Green organics bins are important for the Gold Coast

Our city is growing rapidly. By 2041 we expect to have up to one million residents. Our existing landfills have less than a 15-year lifespan left. Finding new landfill sites will be difficult and expensive.

Anything put into general waste bins ends up in landfill

On average general waste bins are filled with: 33% general waste, 27% green organics, 21% food waste and 19% recyclables – all going to landfill.

By using green organics bins, we can all help reduce the amount of green organic waste going into our landfill sites. This will save space and reduce greenhouse gas emissions created when green organic material decomposes in landfill.

The green organics collected through this service are processed by a specialist facility. The material is recycled into compost and mulch for use on parks and gardens, in agriculture or to rejuvenate soils.

In a 2021 community survey, around 90% of respondents wanted to see increased recycling, especially green and food organics.

Diverting green organic waste also saves ratepayer money by reducing fees we pay to the Queensland Government to dispose of landfill.

What can be put in the bin

Grass clippings

Cut palm fronds

Small twigs and branches
(up to 40cm long)

Leaves, prunings and weeds

Put garden organics loosely in the bin, not bagged.

What can't be put in the bin

Items that cannot go in your lime-lidded green organics bin:

  • Food scraps*
  • Plastic bags
  • Construction items
  • Gardening equipment or products, like garden tools or gloves
  • Logs and stumps
  • Treated timber
  • Soil, dirt or sand
  • Recyclables (put them in your yellow lid recycling bin)
  • Chemicals or liquids
  • Gas cylinders

For information about what to do with these materials see our Recyclepedia.

*The Queensland organics industry is still planning and preparing for Food Organics Garden Organics collections across the state. To explore ways to save food, money and our planet, visit

Bin collection

The green organics bin (lime green lid) is collected once a fortnight, on the alternate week to the recycling bin (yellow lid). To find out what day your bin is collected, visit Find my bin day.

Bin service fee

Property owners are responsible for service fees.

New and existing customers will not have to pay the green organics service fee for the 2023–24 financial year as we are providing a rebate to cover the fee this year (for first bin only). The rebate will be applied automatically on property owners' general rates notices. If you have more than one green organics bin, the rebate will be applied for the first bin only.

The current annual service fee is $58.80. Rates and charges are reviewed annually.

Order a new or additional bin

New or additional bins can be ordered by property owners for owner-occupied or tenanted properties. New customers will receive the 2023/24 rebate for the service, for the first bin only.

Property Owner - request a green organics bin

Tenants can order a green organics service independent of their landlord. The annual service cost is payable on application. The 2023/24 rebate for the service is applicable for orders up to 1 July 2024. A refundable bond of $45.40 for the bin is also applicable before the bin’s delivery.

Tenant - request a green organics bin

If you live in a property that has a body corporate, you will need to provide written approval from your body corporate before you can apply for a green organics service. However, if a green organics bin is already serviced in your complex, written body corporate approval is not required.

Alternatively, you can take your green organics to a Green organics drop and go. There is no charge for residents using this service. Load limits apply for clean green organics: maximum 2.1m x 1.5m and 1m in height.

Apply for an exemption

Green organics bins are standard for freestanding dwellings that are on individual lot sizes between 250m- 5000m2.

Exemptions are available if your property has less than 25m2 of green space, including grassed areas, gardens, tree canopies and the property's nature strip.

Applications must include property owner details, property address, general rate notice number and photographic evidence. We reserve the right to conduct verification audits of properties where applicable.

Please note: We aim to process applications within 28 days of submission.

Apply for an exemption

Frequently asked questions

My green organics bin wasn't delivered in the expansion. When will it arrive?

We are now delivering bins to properties that were missed or requested during the recent expansion.
To check on your request , please contact us on 07 5667 5976 or at

Am I eligible for the 2023–24 rebate for this service?

Everyone who has a residential green organics bin will receive the rebate. You do not have to apply. The rebate will be applied automatically on your general rates notice. If you have more than one green organics bin, the rebate will be applied for the first bin only.

I live in a complex, can I have a bin?

If your dwelling is detached and on an individual lot size between 250–5000m2, and you have your own wheelie bins, you are eligible for a new green organics bin, upon approval from your body corporate. We are working with individual body corporates to deliver these bins. If you haven't received your bin by end of October, please contact us on

Can I change the size of my green organics bin?

No, the green organics bin is only available in the standard 240 L.

Larger bins are not available as the weight of materials placed in a full green organics bin can cause the bin to split and break. Smaller bins are often over-compacted making it difficult to empty the bin properly.

You can order a second bin. The standard service fee will apply.

How can I access assisted service for help with my new green organics bin?

If you already have an approved assisted service, it will automatically apply to the green organics bin service.

If you do not have this service and would like to apply, to find out if you are eligible visit Need help with your bins?

Still have a question?

For further enquiries, please contact us on (07) 5667 5976 or at