Green organics bin

A bin with a lime green lid is now available for the kerbside collection of green organic matter. It allows you to quickly and easily dispose of your garden waste. This is an optional service, and fees apply.

This bin is collected once a fortnight, on the alternate week to the recycling (yellow lid) bin.

To find out what day your bin is collected, use the Bin day finder.

Missed bin collection

If your bin collection was missed, please follow these steps:

  1. Please call us on 07 5667 5976 between 8am and 5pm to have the problem investigated. We will ask you to provide your contact details, address, bin type and any possible reason the bin may not have been emptied.
  2. Leave your bin on the kerbside and our contractors will return as soon as possible.

There are several reasons why your bin might not be emptied, including:

  • the bin was not put out in time (bins should be out for collection by 6am)
  • the truck could not reach the bin (cars parked in front or other obstructions)
  • the bin was overfull or contained materials that are not allowed
  • the driver made a mistake.

Damaged or stolen bins

If your bin has been damaged or stolen, let us know by going to our Report a problem page.

Materials placed in the green organics bins go to several of our large waste and recycling centres for processing and reuse on site where needed. The remaining green organics is sent away to be made into compost or converted into green energy.

What can be put in the bin

Don't bag your green organic waste. Place the organic matter loosely in the bin.

Garden waste that can be put in the lime-lidded green organics bins are:

  • prunings
  • grass clippings
  • shrubs (shake off the soil)
  • weeds and flowers (shake off the soil)
  • leaves and loose bark
  • palm fronds – fronds must be cut so they can fit into the bin; do not bend as they will become trapped as the bin is emptied into the truck
  • small branches – no more than 15 centimetres in diameter and 40 centimetres in length.

What can't be put in the bin

Items that cannot go in your lime-lidded green organics bin are:

  • plastic bags
  • construction items
  • gardening equipment or products, like garden tools or gloves
  • logs and stumps
  • treated timber
  • soil, dirt or sand
  • food scraps
  • recyclables (put them in your yellow lid recycling bin)
  • chemicals or liquids
  • gas cylinders.

For information about what to do with these materials go to:

Order your green organics bin

Both property owners and tenants can apply for this service for around $1 per week. Rates and charges are reviewed annually.

Property owners

Currently, property owners pay an annual service fee of $53.30 for the 240-litre green organics bin.

Property Owner – Register for a green organic bin


Tenants pay an initial total fee of $91.64, made up of a $41 refundable deposit and $50.64 service fee for the 240-litre green organics bin. The annual renewal service fee will only be the $50.64 – you do not pay a further deposit fee.

Tenant – Register for a green organic bin

Register for a green organics waste service – rental properties(PDF, 221KB)

If you live in an apartment, townhouse or unit and have a body corporate, you will need to provide written approval from your body corporate before you can apply for a green organic waste service. However if a green organic waste bin is already serviced in your complex, written body corporate approval is not required.

Payment and delivery

Property owners will receive a notice outlining the charges payable or the charge will be included in the next rates notice.

Tenants can pay online via the online form, in person at one of our customer service centres, or by post with the completed order form.

You can start using your green organics bin as soon as it is delivered.

The expected timeframe for delivery of your new bin is approximately up to 10 business days from receipt of your application. In some instances, the timeframe for delivery may be affected by your property location and the delivery schedule of our contractor.

Cancellation of service

If you need to cancel the service, contact City of Gold Coast, Waste Management by email or phone 07 5667 5976.

A property owner will need to cancel the service if they move houses. You can reapply for the service at your new property.

A tenant can take the green organics waste bin with them but will need to update the address details with us within one week of moving home.