Sustainability Bundle

Be rewarded for your commitment to recycling and reducing general waste with the Sustainability Bundle.

Only household property owners only can apply for this service. If you are a tenant, you will need to ask your body corporate or property owner to apply.

Bin size options

To be eligible, your bin set must include:

  • only one 140-litre general waste bin
  • a 240-litre green organics bin
  • a 140-litre OR 240-litre OR a 360-litre recycling bin.

Cost of bundle

If you sign up for the Sustainability Bundle, you will receive a $15 reduction off your total waste charge.

The usual cost for an equivalent waste service is $381.64. The Sustainability Bundle, with the $15 discount, is $366.64 each year.

Waste utility charge $322.84
Green organics bin fee $58.80
Cost $381.64
Less Sustainability Bundle deduction $15
Net cost $366.64

Note: If you choose to upsize your recycling bin to a 360-litre recycling bin, you will pay a one-off fee of $22.30.

Smaller general waste bin

Reducing your general waste bin to the smaller 140-litre bin (standard size is 240 litres) may seem challenging at first. But there are many ways you can reduce the volume of material that needs to go in the general waste bin. You can:

  • buy items in bulk
  • use reusable bags
  • replace single-use items with reusable items, such as metal straws instead of plastic ones, and reusable water bottles instead of bottled water
  • create meal plans to minimise food waste.

Apply online

Use our online form to confirm your eligibility and apply.

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