How to use our waste & recycling centres

Changes to accepted items at our waste and recycling centres

We're introducing changes to building material disposal at our waste and recycling centres. From 1 December 2022, Molendinar, Reedy Creek and Stapylton will accept these materials for recycling:

  • soil
  • sand
  • concrete
  • brick
  • tiles
  • asphalt

For us to recycle your construction and demolition materials, you will need to:

  • separate and sort your loads before you enter
  • make sure your load is not contaminated by risky materials or asbestos.

If you think your load may contain materials containing asbestos, strict disposal rules apply. Reedy Creek and Stapylton landfills will accept these materials for disposal.

We ask that you read Disposal of asbestos for more information on the Asbestos Risk List. It also explains how to safely dispose of asbestos containing material.

Commercial customers can continue to use existing premium waste facilities where commercial customers are accepted, however we strongly advise you separate and sort loads of soil, sand, concrete, brick, tile and asphalt to be recycled.

Fee-free conditions

The City allows residents to use waste and recycling centres to dispose of certain items without payment, within certain limits.

City residents are not charged for domestic household waste so long as residential household waste is:

  • not commercial waste generated from any business or commercial activities
  • waste from a Gold Coast residential property – you will need evidence of residency
  • not a regulated domestic waste item, such as tyres and asbestos – such items incur a fee
  • delivered in an eligible vehicle – sedan, van, small trailer or utility (no trucks) – and measure no more than:
    • mixed loads: maximum 2.1 x 1.5 metres and 60 centimetres in height
    • clean green waste: maximum 2.1 x 1.5 metres and 1 metre in height

Waste exceeding the above size limits will only be accepted at a landfill, and charged at the appropriate cost per tonne or part thereof.

It is also a fee-free condition that recyclable materials be separated and placed in the supplied recycling areas. Plan ahead and sort your load before you leave home.

Fee concessions for not-for-profit organisations

Local not-for-profit organisations can apply in writing for fee concessions for the disposal of wastes from periodic clean ups. For more details, see our Waste disposal fees page.

What we take

All community waste and recycling centres (WRC) accept the following household waste and recyclables:

  • cardboard
  • mixed recyclables (as put in yellow-topped recycling bins): aluminium and steel cans, paper, plastic and glass bottles
  • empty gas bottles up to 9 kilograms
  • general waste, including putrescible or rotting material
  • lounges/couches of recyclable quality – please drop to Reedy Creek WRC recycling drop off centre if you can
  • lounges/couches that are not recyclable quality – accepted at any WRC apart from Numinbah
  • mattresses – accepted at any WRC apart from Numinbah
  • scrap metal

From 1 December 2022 separated and sorted loads of residential soil, sand, concrete, brick, tile and asphalt will only be accepted at our three premium Waste and Recycling Centres at Molendinar, Reedy Creek and Stapylton.

Waste & recycling centres map

Use our interactive Waste & recycling centres map to locate your nearest centre and to find out which centres accept other items not listed above, such as tyres, paint and whitegoods.

Sort your load

Take the time to sort your load before you leave home and save yourself time when you arrive at the waste and recycling centre.

The smart way to load

  • Always keep similar materials grouped together in sections of your trailer.
  • Place green organic waste and timber at front near vehicle, rubbish to the rear of your load, and scrap metal on the top. This allows you to recycle your load more efficiently at the waste and recycling centre.
  • Never throw waste items onto the ute or trailer in an unsorted, unsafe manner. It makes waste more difficult to separate at the centre.
  • Always cover and secure your load with tie-downs or rope. Unsecured items pose a risk to other road users and the environment. Littering is an offence. Penalties apply.

Download our Sort your load fact sheet(PDF, 151KB)