Waste disposal fees

The current waste disposal fees and charges listed below apply for:

Fees and charges

The current landfill disposal fees and charges (effective 1 July 2023) are listed below.

Note that where applicable, the Queensland Government's Waste Disposal Levy is stated in the third column and applies per tonne or part there of.

Product City charge Waste levy Total charge
Asbestos per tonne * $288 NA $288
Asbestos minimum charge (up to 240kg) * $71.70 NA $71.70
Asbestos from outside City limits per tonne * $412 NA $412
Asbestos outside City limits min. charge (up to 260kg) $110.70 NA $110.70
Concrete disposal per tonne $49.90 NA $49.90
Concrete disposal minimum charge (up to 250kg) $13.20 NA $13.20
Concrete from outside City limits per tonne $243.30 NA $243.30
Sale of crushed concrete per tonne ** $13.60 NA $13.60
Green waste per tonne $68.50 NA $68.50
Green waste minimum charge (up to 200kg) $13.60 NA $13.60
Green waste from outside City limits per tonne $243.30 NA $243.30
Mixed waste per tonne
($26.50 minimum for up to 110kg)
$120 $115.50 $235.50
Mixed waste from outside City limits per tonne $243.30 $115.50 $358.80
Polystyrene, surfboard blanks per tonne $1044.20 $115.50 $1159.70
Regulated waste (normal burial) – category 1 $196.50 $203.50 $400
Regulated waste (normal burial) – category 2 $196.50 $148.50 $345
Regulated waste (special/supervised burial) per tonne
($35.00 minimum for up to 110kg)
$196.50 $115.50 $312
Sand, soil and rock disposal per tonne or part thereof $120 NA $120
Sand, soil and rock minimum charge per transaction (up to 150kg) $18 NA $18
Scrap metal Free of charge NA Free of charge
Tyre – Bobcat/forklift tyre (each) *** $21.80 NA $21.80
Tyre – Passenger car tyre (each) *** $6.20 NA $6.20
Tyre – Passenger car tyre and rim (each) *** $12.10 NA $12.10
Tyre – Light truck tyre (4x4 also) (each) *** $9.36 NA $9.36
Tyre – Light truck tyre and rim (each) *** $18 NA $18
Tyre – Motor cycle tyre (each) *** $3.15 NA $3.15
Tyre – Tractor/grader <1.5m tyre (each) *** $167.10 NA $167.10
Tyre – Tractor/grader >1.5m tyre (each) *** $271.60 NA $271.60
Tyre – Truck tyre (each) *** $21.80 NA $21.80
Weighing for registration purposes $45.10 NA $45.10


* Only regulated wastes permitted under the approved conditions for each landfill site can be received. Definitions of regulated waste can be found in Schedule 9 of the Environmental Protection Regulation 2019. Asbestos must be wetted and wrapped in plastic for transportation and must be placed on the ground with bundles intact.

** Subject to availability

*** Up to 5 tyres can be accepted from both commercial and domestic customers per visit.


  • All the above listed fees are GST inclusive.
  • Loads containing general waste and green waste shall be charged at the mixed waste rate.
  • Loads containing unseparated recyclable materials shall be charged at the applicable rate for the waste type.
  • Mixed loads containing regulated waste shall be charged at the regulated waste rate.
  • Payment is by EFTPOS only. Please note that payments by credit card will incur a surcharge.

How to pay

Pay at the weighbridge at any of the centres that accept commercial waste (listed in the section below). There is also a weighbridge at Reedy Creek Waste and Recycling Centre, available Monday to Friday.

Payments can be made by EFTPOS at the weighbridge, or regular customers can open an account with the City. No cash or cheques are accepted, and payments by credit card will incur a surcharge.

Application for a credit account(PDF, 86KB)

Where to take commercial waste

Commercial waste is accepted only at:

Where to take regulated waste

Use the interactive map on our Waste and recycling centres map to help you find which centres accept certain types of regulated waste items such as asbestos, tyres and special burials.

The page includes locations and opening hours for each centre below the map.

Waste disposal fee concessions

The Waste Disposal Fee Concession Policy outlines who is eligible for waste disposal fee concessions (no gate fee) at City of Gold Coast waste and recycling centres.

For information on how to apply, you can read and/or download the Waste Disposal Fee Concession Policy(PDF, 57KB)

Who is eligible

The types of approved not-for-profit organisations eligible to apply for fee concessions are:

  • religious organisations, schools, charities and community groups
  • approved community clean-up events, such as Clean Up Australia Day
  • charitable recyclers, such as charity op shops, for all residual waste from recycling activities.

Conditions of policy

A current approval letter is required to receive the fee concession at the landfill gate.

To receive fee concessions, evidence must be provided that the person delivering the waste is registered on the approved list.

Waste delivered to a City waste facility by a commercial operator under a commercial arrangement with a not-for-profit organisation is not eligible for fee concessions.

To receive fee concessions organisations must make an effort to recycle when visiting waste and recycling centres. Those that refuse to recycle may be charged a standard waste fee or directed to a paying facility.