Waste disposal fee concessions

The Waste Disposal Fee Concession Policy outlines who is eligible for waste disposal fee concessions (no gate fee) at City of Gold Coast waste and recycling centres.

For information on how to apply, you can read and/or download the Waste Disposal Fee Concession Policy.

Who is eligible

The types of approved not-for-profit organisations eligible to apply for fee concessions are:

  • religious organisations, schools, charities and community groups
  • approved community clean-up events, such as Clean Up Australia Day
  • charitable recyclers, such as charity op shops, for all residual waste from recycling activities.

Conditions of policy

A current approval letter is required to receive the fee concession at the landfill gate.

To receive fee concessions, evidence must be provided that the person delivering the waste is registered on the approved list.

Waste delivered to a City waste facility by a commercial operator under a commercial arrangement with a not-for-profit organisation is not eligible for fee concessions.

To receive fee concessions organisations must make an effort to recycle when visiting waste and recycling centres. Those that refuse to recycle may be charged a standard waste fee or directed to a paying facility.