Water & sewerage

We manage the delivery and maintenance of quality water and sewerage systems on the Gold Coast. Learn about how we supply, test and manage our extensive drinking water and recycled water network and how you can connect to our water and sewerage network.

Our role in delivering water

We provide water supply and sewerage services to over half a million people and over 10,000 businesses on the Gold Coast.

  • Although the City is the water and sewerage service provider, the State Government owns bulk water supplies in the region.
  • We buy bulk water from Seqwater which is mostly harvested from the State-owned Hinze Dam and Little Nerang Dam catchments. Stay informed this wet season by visiting How gated dams work.
  • Seqwater treats the water and ensures it meets the stringent standards set by the Australian Drinking Water Guidelines before supplying it to us.
  • The State Government sets the wholesale price that the City pays for water, which is passed on to customers.

We are also responsible for taking away sewage for treatment. Sewage is transferred to one of four treatment plants, which produce recycled water for the irrigation of sports fields or open space.

This diagram demonstrates our role in the water supply process.

Water & sewerage enquiries

No water? Find out if there are any planned or unplanned water outages in your area – check the latest Water and sewerage alerts.

To report a water leak on public land, please either report the water leak online or call us on 1300 000 928 or 07 5667 5801.

To find out when to expect your next water bill, how to read your water and sewerage rate notice and what the charges cover, visit My water bill.

Phone: 1300 000 928 or 07 5667 5801.

All water enquiries and payments are supported across the Gold Coast at our customer service centres.

Pay your water bill

Pay your water bill online

Alternatively, you can use one of our other payment methods.

Customer insight surveys

We value our customers' feedback on the services we provide. We survey customers to help us understand how we can improve our services.

At times we use market research companies to conduct surveys on our behalf. Residents may be contacted by telephone by our authorised market researcher AEC Group to complete a 3-minute survey.

Survey results help us better understand customer perceptions and satisfaction with water and sewerage services. No market researcher authorised by City of Gold Coast will ever attempt to sell you any product or may any offers.

If you have questions about our customer surveys, please phone 1300 000 928 or 07 5567 5801.