Recycled water

Recycled water plays an important part of the water cycle in our city. It is produced by treating sewage in sewage treatment plants to strict health and environmental standards.

Recycled water is safe for humans and the environment when used correctly. Queensland Health regulates recycled water use. The City of Gold Coast and an increasing number of customers use recycled water for a variety of approved uses.

Recycled water is available to approved customers via either a connection to a fixed recycled water main or via access to one of the City’s automated recycled water carrier filling stations.

Recycled water uses

The City of Gold Coast is one of the largest users of recycled water amongst urban utilities in Australia. Recycled water is supplied primarily for irrigation purposes and benefits many users across the Gold Coast, such as:

  • agricultural organisations
  • wholesale nurseries
  • educational institutions
  • recreational facilities including sports clubs and golf courses
  • large hotels and resorts
  • manufacturing business
  • construction (via dust suppression during roadworks).

Benefits of using recycled water

  • Provides an alternative water supply that is approximately 8 times cheaper than drinking water
  • Reduces the demand on drinking water supplies so more water is available for essential use
  • Drought proofs water-dependent assets such as parks, recreation facilities and critical habitats
  • Enhances greenspaces and promotes vibrant, safe and liveable communities
  • Reduces the amount of recycled water safely discharged into the ocean

Recycled water fixed site connections

On the Gold Coast, recycled water is permitted to be used for various fixed site applications, including greenspace and landscape irrigation. To be approved to use recycled water, the site must meet legislative requirements, pass commissioning checks and the business must operate under a Recycled Water Supply Agreement.

To find out how to lodge an expression of interest, visit Recycled water fixed site connections

Recycled water carrier connections

We operate recycled water filling stations that are available to approved recycled water carriers.

Carrier customers can use this recycled water for purposes such as irrigation, dust suppression and roadworks.

To find out how to apply to be a recycled water carrier, visit Recycled water carrier connections

Expanding the recycled water network

The Recycled Water Network Expansion Project is a major investment in our recycled water infrastructure. The project will improve recycled water quality and enable over 100 new customers to connect to Class A recycled water.

Stage 1 of the project has now been launched. This will connect 16 new fixed site customers in the Merrimac–Carrara area to the new recycled water treatment plant at Merrimac and additional connections to the Sanctuary Cove–Hope island area. These connections will save up to half a million litres of drinking water a day.

New customers include schools, golf courses, body corporates, the Gold Coast Sports Precinct and Heritage Bank Stadium, Carrara. When all customers are connected to stage 1, we will have a total of 73 commercial customers using the Recycled Network system.

Future expansion of the network will be demand-led, aligning with the needs of the community. For more information, visit Recycled water expansion network.