Recycled water fixed site connections

We operate a recycled water network to supply customers with a fit for purpose water product that can be used for a variety of approved uses.

The process starts with submission of an expression of interest. We will then assess the suitability and eligibility of your property or business.

The assessment will confirm:

  • your intended use is fit for purpose
  • you are located within a reasonable range to connect to a recycled water scheme, and
  • there is sufficient recycled water supply available.

Once an assessment has been made, we can advise you about supply options.

Expression of interest

Submit Expression of Interest

Next steps

Submitting an expression of interest is free. However, it does not guarantee that a recycled water supply will be available. We will review your proposed recycled water use and undertake a detailed assessment. We may contact you to request additional information.

Recycled water user training

If your application is successful, all persons working with recycled water or recycled water infrastructure must complete our mandatory recycled water training course. The course covers:

  • human and environmental risks associated with recycled water and how these can be managed
  • approved and prohibited uses of recycled water
  • obligations and responsibilities when using and accessing our recycled water supply.

The course is available online via our online induction portal and takes approximately 20 minutes to complete.

After you have registered for an account, select ‘Recycled water user training – fixed site user’ from the inductions list. Once completed, you will be prompted to save and print a copy of your training certification. You must always carry a copy of this document when working with recycled water or recycled water infrastructure.