Standard connection accredited contractors

Accreditation: register your interest to become a standard connection accredited contractor through the link below. You will be contacted via email when the next intake and training occurs.

Register to the Contractors Portal

For information on how to navigate the Contractors Portal, refer to the Water & Waste Contractors Portal Guide(PDF, 577KB)

Contact more information.

Following registration, contractors must complete standard connection training and execute the Accredited Deed before becoming eligible to undertake standard connections as a standard connection accredited contractor. For information about the accreditation framework, refer to the Water & Waste Accreditation Deed(PDF, 413KB)

Standard connection accredited contractors must adhere to the Accreditation Deed and are subject to performance management by the City. Auditing and performance management may result in probation, suspension, or termination of an accredited contractor if there is an identified non-conformance.

Standard connections are defined in the standard works category table.

For more information refer to the Standard Connections Guideline(PDF, 865KB).

Only accredited contractors appointed by the City can perform standard connections.

How do I find a standard connection accredited contractor?

To view the City’s standard connection accredited contractor list, register with the Contractors Portal.

You can also download the accredited contractor list(PDF, 188KB).