Working or building near water & sewer infrastructure

Most work near water and sewerage infrastructure is regulated by the Queensland Development Code Mandatory Part 1.4 (QDC MP1.4).

The QDC MP1.4 explains which building works can be undertaken near or over water and sewerage infrastructure. Building certifiers can assess many application types in accordance with QDC MP1.4. Some require referral to the City for assessment.

Where regulated by the Queensland Development Code

If you need to refer your application to the City for assessment, it is recommended that you engage a Building Certifier to provide advice on any referral requirements.

Where referral to the City is required, the application needs to incorporate all requirements outlined in the Building over or near sewer infrastructure guidelines(PDF, 303KB)

To lodge an application for assessment against QDC MP1.4, refer to Referral Agency Assessment.

In some instances, proposed building works within a sewerage easement of the City may not require referral under QDC MP1.4. To request approval for such building works, complete the Build over sewer easement request form(PDF, 63KB)

Where not regulated by the Queensland Development Code (notifiable works)

Notifiable works are works which do not trigger a referral or Operational Works assessment by us but are within close proximity to our water or sewerage infrastructure.

The following guidelines outline what is notifiable works and when you need to contact us before undertaking works near water and sewerage infrastructure.

Guidelines for working near water and sewerage infrastructure(PDF, 2MB)

If the building over or near sewer infrastructure guidelines apply to your work, submit an Application to undertake notifiable works form(PDF, 114KB)