Need volunteers?

Is your organisation looking for volunteers? Here are some options for you to promote your volunteering opportunities:

Looking for resources? The Volunteering Resource Hub has a range of resources to help organisations manage their volunteers.

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The Gold Coast Volunteering Network

The Gold Coast Volunteering Network (GCVN) provides a forum for volunteer-involving organisations on the Gold Coast to collaborate, discuss issues, share information and learn from each other. GCVN meet regularly to hold educational workshops and network with other volunteer-involving organisations.

Invitations are sent out to organisations listed on the Gold Coast Community Directory. Check if you are listed on the Community Directory.

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The Volunteering Legacy Action Plan 2019–2021

The City is implementing the Volunteering Legacy Action Plan 2019–2021. The project aims to build on the spirit of community involvement that resulted from GC2018 to grow rates of volunteering on the Gold Coast. Ultimately, the project will contribute to building a strong, connected, engaged, inclusive community through volunteering.

Download and view our Volunteering Legacy Action Plan 2019–2021.