Citizen Science volunteering

There are many ways you can get involved in citizen science projects. Volunteers and scientists collaborate to answer real-world questions. Together, you can learn more about protecting our planet and how to play your part for science and nature!

Take the opportunity to increase scientific knowledge. Community members share and contribute to data monitoring and collection programs. By volunteering, you can gain hands on experience. You will make a meaningful impact on scientific research and environmental decision making. Anyone can contribute and there are many ways to get involved.

Our Citizen Science projects

We partner with local organisations and community to deliver a range of events and activities where you can learn more and participate in structured citizen science activities with local experts on a range of activities. For more information about our partners and discover a range of volunteer opportunities, visit our nature-based volunteer programs.

Find upcoming events

There are a variety of Citizen Science activities we support through grand funding and partnerships including:

Online & on the go

You don't have to join a group to participate. There are many projects you can participate in using apps and online platforms.

Annual projects

Collecting data and undertaking research at the same time each year helps scientists monitor changes in our environment. You can participate in the following projects every year:

Apply for a Citizen Science grant

We also provide support and a range of grants to partner organisations. This funding helps to deliver citizen science activities for the community. Find out how to apply:

If you are an organisation or community group looking to undertake scientific research on Council-controlled parkland, approval might be required. For further information visit Temporary access to parks for scientific research.

Our Natural City Strategy

Find out more about how you can help protect and enhance our environment. Check out Our Natural City Strategy.