Carrara Floodplain Landcare Group

Image of Cascade Gardens trees

The Gold Coast's beautiful natural environment allows us to enjoy a lifestyle like no other city. Volunteer in a Landcare Group to help protect, maintain and enhance our natural areas. Take part in activities such as:

  • identifying and controlling weeds
  • identifying and encouraging native species
  • maintaining your site and planting native trees where required.

You can actively play a part by joining the Carrara Floodplain Landcare Group.

About Carrara Floodplain Landcare Group

The Carrara Floodplain Landcare Group was established in 2014 and is partnered with the Natural Areas Management Unit under the Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Landcare Program. The group assists with the restoration of Council-managed Carrara Floodplain Park.

The group's activities consist of environmental weed control and planting native plant species where required.


  • Encourage active community involvement and ownership
  • Control environmental weed species impacting the site and promote the expansion of native canopy cover
  • Provide learning opportunities for local landholders in "ecological restoration"
  • Improve and increase habitat opportunities for native wildlife
  • Restore and improve the structure of the existing native vegetation within the park using revegetation and assisted regeneration techniques
  • Strengthen relationships in the community