Currumbin Creek Care Group

Image of Cascade Gardens trees

The Gold Coast's beautiful natural environment allows us to enjoy a lifestyle like no other city. You can play an active part in keeping it this way by joining Currumbin Creek Care Group.

About Currumbin Creek Care Group

The Currumbin Creek Care Group was formed in 2008 in partnership with our Natural Areas Management Unit's NaturallyGC Volunteer Landcare Program. The group assists with the restoration of a 1.5-kilometre section of creek line at Currumbin Creek Reach. This park passes through a sustainable living development known as the Ecovillage. The creek area was greatly disturbed by past management practices, high nutrient run-off from surrounding cleared land, high sunlight intrusion and impacts by residential development activities. In some areas, very little native vegetation remained.

The group, over time, has significantly contributed to stabilising and enhancing this section of Currumbin Creek by planting over 30,000 native riparian species and undertaking environmental weed control works.

Works undertaken by the group are enhanced by professional bush regenerators who help with preparation for planting and follow up maintenance including the control of environmental weeds.

You can see our progress by viewing our 360-degree aerial Google Map.


  • Encourage active community involvement and ownership
  • Encourage the germination of native species and promote growth in existing native species by controlling weeds
  • Provide learning opportunities for local landholders in ecological restoration
  • Protect creek banks from erosion through revegetation and assisted regeneration techniques
  • Improve and increase habitat opportunities for native wildlife
  • Restore and improve the structure of the existing native vegetation
  • Strengthen relationships in the community

You can join us and volunteer with the group to plant trees, it's a great way to get involved in your local community while helping our environment.