NaturallyGC program

Connect, conserve and explore our city's natural environment with NaturallyGC.

Get involved in over 900 free and low-cost nature-based education workshops and events as well as volunteer and recreation opportunities each year. We also provide support to community organisations to deliver a range of environmental education programs with over 22,000 joining each year.

Find and register online for a NaturallyGC event near you or visit the City Events calendar for a range of other nature activities across the Gold Coast.

NaturallyGC eventsGold Coast Events Calendar

You can also download the full program:

NaturallyGC program booklet 2022-23

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With NaturallyGC you can:

Help us promote and improve NaturallyGC events and workshops

Share your event experiences on social media using the hashtag #NaturallyGC.

Provide your feedback to help guide our future solutions in making NaturallyGC a rewarding nature-based experience. 

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