NaturallyGC ambassadors

Our NaturallyGC Ambassadors are positive role models for the environment. They help to connect the our community to nature and make the most of what our NaturallyGC program has to offer.

Our ambassadors help to:

  • connect participants of all ages with nature
  • inspire our community to get involved in NaturallyGC activities and events
  • encourage and inspire positive action
  • empower others with knowledge and resources to become stewards of our natural environment.

If you would like to become a NaturallyGC Ambassador, email us on

Meet our NaturallyGC Ambassadors Patrick Brabant (Enviro Warrior) and Jasmine Rasmusen (Wildlife Warrior).

Enviro warrior, Patrick Brabant

Enviro warrior, Patrick Brabant

The NaturallyGC program is a leading environmental program on the Gold Coast. I am honoured to be one of its ambassadors and to be involved in a program like this.

The NaturallyGC program is a must for every Gold Coast resident. They put on hundreds of events for the community including Koala tree planting days, guided bush walks and everything in between.

These events are a golden opportunity to get back to nature and connect with the amazing outdoors that are right on our doorsteps. It's also a great opportunity to give back to the community, nature and meet like-minded people.

I am looking forward to attending some of the events myself and posting about them on my blog.


Ruby and Noah Barnes - NaturallyGC Junior Ambassadors

Ruby and Noah Jay

The Gold Coast is one of the most beautiful and biodiverse cities in Australia and we're excited to be NaturallyGC youth ambassadors for 2021–22.

We both love wildlife and are passionate about helping to preserve and restore natural habitats. On weekends, we can often be found planting trees in local parks, cleaning the beach or co-presenting Junior Wild Defenders workshops for children.

The NaturallyGC program engages the whole community in caring for our incredible wild places and we hope to encourage other young people to become involved!