NaturallyGC iNaturalist

Ipad in nature

Help contribute plant and animal sightings from across our Gold Coast parks and natural areas by joining our online NaturallyGC iNaturalist project.

It’s a great way to connect to nature and learn more about our unique plants and animals in a fun and interactive way, while also contributing to science. All the data collected contributes to the City’s Flora and Fauna database.

What is iNaturalist?

iNaturalist allows you to upload photos of plants, animals and fungi onto their platform. These images are then viewed by a community of citizen scientists, naturalists and experts who help to identify the species. It’s a great community space to connect to like minded people who can help you learn more about nature.

How to participate

Step 1: Download the iNaturalist app to your handheld device or computer: Android or Apple

Step 2: Create a free iNaturalist account.

Step 3: Join the NaturallyGC iNaturalist project.

Step 4: Take some photos during your next nature experience on the Gold Coast and upload them to iNaturalist. Watch the Adding an observation on a mobile device video tutorial to learn how.

Guided NaturallyGC iNaturalist walks

If you need further help using iNaturalist or want to meet like-minded citizen scientists, you can also join us on some free NaturallyGC guided walks where we survey flora and fauna and upload our iNaturalist observations together.

Head to our NaturallyGC Citizen Science calendar to discover upcoming iNaturalist guided walks.

NaturallyGC Wildlife Watch

In a first for the City, you can join officers to help setup infrared fauna cameras within our conservation parks and help to identify the wildlife photographed.

All images and audio recordings of native wildlife are uploaded to the NaturallyGC Wildlife Watch iNaturalist website where you can view the media and help identify the species.

The data collected by the cameras will provide vital information on species utilising our protected conservation areas, including pest species.

NaturallyGC Wildlife Watch Camera Setup workshop