Go Gold Coast Month

Let's Go Gold Coast!

Go Gold Coast Month is the city’s sport and active lifestyle month. Showcasing hundreds of amazing sport, fitness, recreation and wellness activities and organisations. Inspiring our community to be more active.

Get involved in Gold Coast Month

Showcase your sport, facility, event or activity this July

If you are a sport, gym, fitness studio and or wellbeing service, we would love you to be a part of this transformative month.

As we approach the month, a media campaign will be in full swing. The campaign will:

  • showcase the diverse array of activities and opportunities available throughout the city
  • aim to inspire everyone to embrace an active lifestyle.

This is an excellent chance for you to promote your facility or services. If you have an existing or a new activity/event that you want to run or a facility you want to promote across the month of July 2024, please let us know. We would love to showcase what you are offering to inspire others to be active.

Together, let's make Go Gold Coast Month an unforgettable celebration of sport, connection, and the pursuit of an active life.

How to apply

Application instructions

Click on the button below to complete the online form. You are required to:

  • provide details of the event and activity you offer or plan to offer
  • provide a copy of your current public liability insurance
  • highlight your qualifications and or experience
  • acknowledge that you have a Risk Management plan in place for the activity/event you are wanting to run.

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What's On in Go Gold Coast Month

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