South Stradbroke Island

South Stradbroke Island is one of more than 360 islands within Moreton Bay. South Stradbroke Island, or more commonly referred to by the locals as ‘Straddy’ sits just 200 metres north of the northern most point of The Spit. The island has hundreds of wild wallabies that are well known for joining campers at their fires.

The area is a popular attraction for surfers, with the wave at the southern tip of the island collecting the most swell in the city. When the swell is small in the rest of the city you can often find it pumping at South Stradbroke Island. Please note beaches on this island are not patrolled.


South Stradbroke Island offers one of the best open beach breaks along the Australian east coast. It's fast paced and attracts experienced board riders.


Please note beaches on this island are not patrolled. Your safety is important. If you'd like to visit a beach that is patrolled see our Beach map or download our Beach patrol information sheet(PDF, 1MB)


South Stradbroke Island has the following facilities for beachgoers:

Getting there

South Stradbroke Island can be visited by private or hire boat, water taxi, sea plane, jet ski or local cruise boats. Visit Gold Coast Tourist Parks for more information.