Pimpama River Conservation Area

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The Pimpama River Conservation Area supports a variety of coastal vegetation communities including:

  • mangrove forest and shrubland
  • saltmarsh and marine flats
  • coastal sedgelands
  • swamp oak and paperbark open forest
  • eucalypt coastal woodland.

It provides habitat for many species of terrestrial and estuarine wildlife. This includes the vulnerable False Water Rat (Xeromys myoides). The area is a protected breeding ground for fish and other marine species.

The conservation area is on the southern bank of the Pimpama River at its confluence with Moreton Bay. It borders the Southern Moreton Bay Marine Park and RAMSAR wetland site.

At least five migrating wading bird species listed under international treaty agreements have been recorded here. This includes the rare Eastern Curlew (Numenius madagascariensis). Surveys of the property indicate that the site provides habitat for at least:

  • 184 species of native plants
  • 134 vertebrate fauna species including
    • 13 species of mammals
    • 108 species of birds
    • nine species of reptiles
    • four frog species.

One third of the conservation area supports regionally-significant remnant and regrowth coastal woodland vegetation. This vegetation provides habitat for a diverse array of fauna, particularly bird species. This includes the rare Square-tailed Kite (Lophoictinia isura). The sandy loam soils also support many terrestrial orchids within the understorey.

Considerable areas of dense Paperbark (Melaleuca quinquenervia) open forest are also present in drainage depressions and other lower lying areas of the site. These areas are also considered to be regionally significant. They support populations of Swordgrass (Gahnia clarkei) and Native Violet (Viola betonicifolia) within the understorey. Both of these species are host plants for types of butterfly which are now rare in the region.

Dog prohibited area

This park is a dog prohibited area.

Map of dog prohibited area(PDF, 495KB)

A dog prohibited area is the signed part of a park, reserve, foreshore or beach where dogs are not permitted. Dogs are prohibited in all children's playground areas and within 200 metres of all flagged bathing areas.


Pimpama River Conservation Area, Green Meadows Road, Pimpama 4209  
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