Robina City Parklands

Girl on a swing

Robina City Parklands has a walking track and a sports oval.

The parklands will undergo a major redevelopment to create a new 22.5-hectare park, as Stage 1 of the Greenheart project.

Construction works – May 2023 to early 2025

Construction works commenced in May which included site investigations and preparation of the site for future construction stages. Construction fencing has been installed around the site and construction vehicles will operate within the fenced area.

Visitors should be alert to construction vehicles entering and exiting the site and also any dust and noise associated with the earthworks.

For more information regarding the future parklands and for project updates, visit our project page Greenheart – Stage 1.

Dog exercise areas

Dogs must be walked on a leash unless otherwise stated and are prohibited in all children's playground areas.

City of Gold Coast has numerous areas where you can exercise your dog off leash.

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Stadium Drive, Robina 4226  
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