Bushwalks & nature trails

Our city has endless opportunities to connect and immerse yourself in nature right on our doorstop. If you love to bushwalk, trail run, mountain bike, horse ride, picnic, kayak, take photos or just relax in nature, we have some great places for you to visit.

Important tips before heading out:

  • let a friend or family member know where you are going bushwalking in case you get lost or injured, ask them to contact authorities if you don't return as planned
  • check the park you are visiting suits your level of bushwalking experience and fitness level
  • check the Bureau of Meteorology for the weather forecast, conditions, and weather warnings
  • take plenty of drinking water and have some snacks with you
  • walk with a partner or in a group, never bushwalk alone
  • dress for track and weather conditions
  • stick to the existing tracks and trails
  • leave the park as you find it, please take your rubbish with you.

No dogs in conservation areas

Did you know that you can't take dogs into a conservation area?

Our conservation parks provide a much-needed refuge for native plants and animals and are vitally important to the survival of many threatened species. Some of our parks are dog prohibited to help protect and preserve our flora and fauna.

City of Gold Coast has numerous areas where you can exercise your dog off leash.

Find an off leash exercise area

Dogs and domestic animals can:

  • cause native animals stress and may even cause them to leave their homes and their young unprotected from their presence, sound and scent
  • chase wildlife and potentially cause injury or death
  • introduce disease harmful to our native wildlife and increase the spread of weeds throughout our natural environments.

Please respect our natural areas and native wildlife by:

  • adhering to all regulatory and park signage
  • remembering to walk your dog on a leash in all City parks unless signed otherwise
  • checking our website if you're still unsure on where you can take your dog.

We have many recreational parks that you can take your dog on lead and also designated off leash areas. You can view the full list of facilities here.

Certified guide, hearing and assistance dogs are allowed; however, you must comply with the Queensland Government Guide, Hearing and Assistance Dogs Act 2009.

Park closure alerts

At times our parks may be closed for hazard reduction burns, animal pest control or park upgrades and maintenance. Section closures will be marked with a sign or barrier tape placed at the tracks entrance and will be permanently closed for the entire period, both day and night. Please do not enter closed sections as penalties apply.

For current park closures visit City Alerts.

Nature trail map

By clicking on the pins below you can find a natural area park near you and access information about nature trails, facilities, park features and the natural areas of the Gold Coast. From here, choose the pin to find location details and further information about the park.

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