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Aircraft operations

Temporary aircraft operations, such as helicopter landings/take-offs, must comply with the City Plan and local laws, including:

  • Local Law No. 16 (Licensing (2008)
  • Subordinate Local Law 16.5 (Aircraft Operations from Premises Owned by a Person) 2008 and
  • Local Law 9 (Parks and Reserves) 2008.

‘Aircraft operations’ means the arrival, departure or movement of an aircraft designed or intended to carry a person from premises owned by a person.

Applying for a new aircraft operations licence

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Is a licence required?

You will need a licence for aircraft operations of the following:

  • helicopter
  • aeroplane
  • glider
  • hang-glider
  • hot-air balloon
  • ultra-light
  • airship
  • dirigible (blimp) or
  • any form of craft capable of carrying at least one person whilst in the air.

A licence is not required:

  1. if the aircraft operations are undertaken at an airport or public aerodrome; or
  2. when the aircraft operation is for the purpose of providing rescue, medical treatment or a fire fighting service; or
  3. when the landing of the aircraft is a result of a medical or other emergency on board the aircraft; or
  4. when the aircraft operation is not a temporary use.

Please note: There is a separate application form for hot air ballooning operations. Refer to the hot air ballooning operations page for further information and a link to the hot air balloon licence application form.

How to apply

Complete and submit an aircraft operations licence application form. To avoid delays in processing your application, please ensure the following supporting information is attached to your application:

  • Public liability insurance certificate of currency for at least AU$10 million
  • site plans detailing take-off and landing areas, flight path and proximity to noise-sensitive places
  • evidence of nil fee eligibility (see application form for details).

You must also specify the purpose of your aircraft operation when applying for a permit.

Find a link to the Aircraft operations licence application form below.

Information for existing businesses

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Amendments to an aircraft operations licence/permit

You will need to submit an amendment application for:

  • changes to your business or contact information
  • modifying your operation
  • requesting a change to conditions of approval.

Find a link to the amendment application form below.

Licence renewal

Aircraft operations licences are issued for a temporary period and are generally not renewable.

Lost or damaged licence – how to request a request a replacement

You may apply for a replacement of your licence or associated documentation.

Please note that fees apply for this request. Find details of these fees on the application form.

Find a link to the Aircraft operations licence - replacement approval documentation application form below.

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