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City of Gold Coast is creating strong international connections to maximise economic development and cultural opportunities.

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Kanagawa Prefecture

Kanagawa Prefecture is located in the south-east of Honshu. It lies between Tokyo, the foothills of Mt Fuji, the Pacific Ocean and Tokyo Bay. Within the prefecture there are 19 cities and 14 villages. The capital of the prefecture is Yokohama. The Gold Coast has a Friendship Agreement with the 13 municipalities along the Sagami Bay, and the relationship is founded on a significant interest in beach culture by the residents of both regions.

  • Agreement with City of Gold Coast: Friendship Agreement, 1990
  • Population: Kanagawa Prefecture has a population of approximately 9 million.
  • Language: The official language spoken in Kanagawa Prefecture is Japanese.
  • Location: Kanagawa Prefecture is located in the south east of Honshu, Japan.
  • Climate: Kanagawa Prefecture has clearly defined seasons with a large proportion of the year having good weather. Many tourists choose to travel in March to May (Spring), then again from September through to November (Autumn). Summer falls during July and August and can reach temperatures of 30°C with relatively high humidity. June to July is the rainy season with heavy but short-lived precipitation.
  • Distance from the Gold Coast: Approximately 9 hours by plane.
  • Local time: The local time of Kanagawa Prefecture is Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) +9 which is one hour behind the Gold Coast.
  • Official city website:


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