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Charitable, non-profit community, educational or religious organisations

Council of the City of Gold Coast's Local Law No. 5 (Distribution of Business Advertising Publications and Touting) 2008 requires organisations, when fundraising or handing out publications on City of Gold Coast land, to obtain an approval to conduct such activities.

Application requirements (including forms and fees)


Find the link to the Community activity application form below.


For more information about how the City is making it easier for business, please view our Nil Fees initiative.


Not applicable


Not applicable


Public Liability Insurance - please enclose a copy of your Broadform Public Liability Insurance Certificate of Currency. The sum insured is to be a minimum of $10 million.


Not applicable


Food operations must hold current approvals under the Food Act 2006.

How to submit an application

Applications can be submitted in person at City offices or by mail.

Related applications

Not applicable

Application process

  1. The applicant is responsible for ensuring the application is complete - please refer to application requirements.
  2. The applicant submits the application - please refer to how to submit an application.
  3. City officers will then process the application within legislative or agreed time frames. City officers will contact the applicant should additional information be required to process the application.
  4. City officers will forward the approval to the applicant.

Note: only a properly-made application will be accepted by the City.

Service level

Council of the City of Gold Coast and other South East Queensland councils have been developing an ALARMS risk-based framework aimed at prioritising workloads for councils.

Charitable, educational and religious activities are audited on a complaint basis only (re-inspections are additional).


Council of the City of Gold Coast local laws - Local Law No. 5 (Distribution of Business Advertising Publications and Touting) 2008

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