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Tactical urbanism

A new aspect of urban renewal and place making recently introduced to the city is tactical urbanism, which will allow small scale, incremental improvements at low cost.

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Tactical urbanism - Chirn Park Shopping Centre, Southport


Chirn Park is a small shopping precinct in Southport that supports a vibrant local community. Councillor Crichlow thought that the centre required some upgrading to give it a much needed injection of energy.

Design information

There are a number of upgrades that will take place within the shopping precinct and they will include:

  • replacing the outdated seating with seats that are more vibrant and colourful
  • pavement treatment to the laneway connecting the car park to Musgrave Road
  • painting the existing feature plant pots and replace the plants
  • replacing the 80 litre bins with 240 litre bin enclosures with custom stencil images
  • additional planting to the garden beds, and
  • fixing the pavement by re-grouting the worst of the gaps.

These upgrades will reinforce and add to the vibrant community of Chirn Park.

Project information

Design: City Place Making

Build/installation: Building Maintenance Branch

Cost: $50,000

For more information about the completed works, download and view the concept design (PDF 1.7mb).

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