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Active & Healthy program

The Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program is a great way to try a new fitness activity or sport, discover one of our great parks or sporting facilities and meet new people.

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Active & Healthy program

Our Active & Healthy program offers a range of free and low-cost activities that are fun, enjoyable and suitable for all shapes and sizes. Activities are delivered by qualified and supportive fitness and wellness professionals who are there to help you become fitter, stronger, healthier and most importantly happier.

Active & Healthy calendar

A lady exercising in front of her laptop at home

Active & Healthy @Home

The Active & Healthy @Home program offers a broad range of free and fun activities that you can do in the safety of your own home anytime.

Active & Healthy @Home
Family jogging in park

Autumn holiday program

It's time to get outdoors, embrace the cooler days and enjoy being active these holidays!

Holiday program
A group of people in the park playing ball sports

I CAN be Active & Healthy

To live is to move... and you CAN secure a healthier future for yourself by getting plenty of regular physical activity.

I can be active & healthy
A Tai Chi class practicing an upward stretch

Tai Chi

Tai Chi is a healing martial art combining many movements with Qi (energy) circulation, breathing and stretching techniques.

Tai Chi
Beach yoga in the golden glow of sunrise


Yoga nurtures physical, emotional, mental and social needs through different techniques including postures, movements and breath awareness.

A happy person with excersize weights in the pool

Aqua classes

Aqua is an impact-free class designed to improve balance, agility, posture, flexibility and core strength.

Aqua classes
A happy grandfather and grandchildren in a tree

Active families

Prioritising health by eating well and being physically active is essential to wellbeing. Kids learn by example and parents are their greatest role models.

Active Families
Active seniors enjoying a class together

Healthy ageing

Get some 'me time' by joining others who want to improve their strength and fitness, be social and enjoy a happy, healthy lifestyle.

Healthy Ageing
Kids having fun in a tree

Active kids

Now more than ever we need to find ways to get the kids active and off the screens over the holidays. Each day you CAN have access to activities that will ensure your health and wellbeing stays strong.

Active kids

Active & Healthy lifestyle

When it comes to getting active, doing is believing. Once people become healthier and more active, they realise all the benefits - sleeping better, feeling better, making friends, maintaining a healthy body weight - and this provides intrinsic motivation to do more.

Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program 2020-21

Physical activity is one of the most important things you CAN do to improve your overall quality of life. The situation created by COVID-19 is unprecedented and the physical, mental and financial impacts are unknown. What we do know however, is that helping one another to stay positive and physically active is even more important now than it's ever been.

The 2020-21 Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program offers affordable activities delivered by qualified and supportive professionals who are there to help you become stronger, healthier and - most importantly - happier.

Download the Active & Healthy Lifestyle Program 2020-21.

Partner with us

Active people live longer and live better, so it’s no wonder that we advocate for all residents to move more. Across the Gold Coast, government agencies, not-for-profits and local businesses are all working together to create platforms, programs and social responsibility initiatives to encourage participation in physical activity and sport.

In order to make physical activity a more desirable, accessible and vital part of everyday life on the Gold Coast, we aim to give people opportunities to move more, and support them to do it. We realise that all of us could be more active, which is why our target includes everyone: not just the vital aim of getting inactive people to become active, but also supporting those who already do something to do a bit more.

Find out how to partner with Active & Healthy.

Active & Healthy holidays

No matter what the season we’ve got everything covered for your kids to be entertained through our Active & Healthy holiday program. All activities are free or low cost and are available on all school holidays.


If you have participated in one of our Active & Healthy activities, we would love your feedback. Please have your say.

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