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Bike theft prevention

Bike theft prevention

Bicycles are stolen every day around Australia. Many of these bikes are found by police; however, being able to return a bike to its owner is a challenge if bikes are not marked and the owner cannot be identified.

A lot of bicycle theft results from owners taking insufficient precautions to lock their bikes properly or leaving them in places where they are vulnerable to theft.

There are a number of ways you can reduce the risk of having your bike stolen.

  • Always lock your bike using a durable security device e.g. u-lock or folding bar lock.
  • Lock the frame to a fixed, immovable object that can’t be broken or moved, even at home.
  • Secure your bike in a busy, well-lit area where it can be easily seen, like in City of Gold Coast bike sheds.
  • Secure any valuable components and accessories.
  • Record serial numbers, make, model and colour.
  • Engrave your bike. Your local police station has an engraving tool for loan and can help you work out your personal code and register the code in their property tracing database. For more details contact your local police station.
  • Photograph the bike and consider insurance.
  • Download a Bicycle Identification Card from the Neighbourhood Watch website to record all your bikes details and keep it in a safe place.

For more information about bike security visit the Department of Transport and Main Roads - bike security website.

For information on riding your bike safely on the Gold Coast visit our Cycling safety web page.

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