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Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Restoration Program

By volunteering in a Bushcare or Landcare group you can help protect, maintain and enhance our natural areas and make a difference to your local, natural environment.

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Boonooroo Park Bushcare Group

The Boonooroo Park Bushcare Group was formed in October 2004. It's a dedicated bushcare group and partners with the Natural Areas Management Unit (NAMU) under the Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Restoration program.

Boonooroo Park (Central) is located between Hickey Way and Michelmore Road, Carrara. The area is approximately 20,000 square metres and consists of disturbed native vegetation that provides a home to many birds, mammals and reptiles. The group actively works to restore the area through the control of environmental weeds and assisting with the replanting of native trees.

Key objectives to be achieved by the group:

  • restore remaining vegetation and improve the health
  • restore habitat diversity
  • promote opportunities for the natural regeneration of local endemic species
  • provide learning opportunities for the community in natural areas restoration
  • strengthen relationships in the community.

Working bees are bi-monthly on the third Saturday of the month from February to November.

Time: 8am – 10am
Place: Boonooroo Park, Elsemore Close, Carrara
Register: You need to register prior to attending to secure a spot and receive the full details of the event. Please refer to our Beaches to Bushland calendar for further details.

Alternatively you can contact our Natural Areas Management Unit on 07 5581 1537 or for further information.

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