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Car theft prevention

Working Together

Most of us use our cars every day – whether it is for work, social or leisure activities, or taking the kids to school. Can you imagine if your car was stolen or broken into? It is stressful, inconvenient and costly – but often preventable.

Stolen vehicles are often involved in road accidents or used to commit more serious crimes. Older vehicles are most likely to be stolen and while many are recovered, they may be found with significant and costly damage.

A large proportion of car theft is opportunistic and preventable. Take precautionary measures to reduce your chances of becoming a victim of car theft.

7 in 10 cars are stolen with their own keys.

Credit: National Motor Vehicle
Theft Reduction Council

Did you know that 7 in 10 cars are stolen with their own keys? Many of these thefts occur when a home is broken into and the car keys have been left in plain sight.

Don’t make it easy for thieves. Follow these simple steps to secure your home and vehicle by following the 'POP, LOCK and STOP' approach:

  • POP your keys out of sight
  • LOCK all the doors and windows to your home and car and check everyone in the household is doing the same
  • STOP sneak theft.

Additional tips to help prevent car theft

  • Never leave items of value visible
  • Never hide keys on your car – thieves know where to look
  • Never leave your car running unattended or leave keys in the ignition
  • Place your car keys in a secure location, when out and at home
  • Protect your tools by locking your toolbox
  • Install anti-theft screws to your number plate – a type of screw which can only be removed with a specially designed tool made available to police officers only

Let’s work together to prevent car theft

  • If you notice any suspicious activity report it to Policelink on telephone 131 444
  • To report a crime happening now call 000 (Triple Zero)

‘Stop Sneak Theft’ is an initiative of the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council and the City of Gold Coast. The purpose of this initiative is to educate residents to secure their home and vehicle by implementing 'POP, LOCK, and STOP'. To learn more tips to reduce the risk of car theft visit the National Motor Vehicle Theft Reduction Council website. You can also check out its:

  • Home Security Audit to assess the security of your home
  • Local Theft Profile to learn how many cars have been stolen in your area – the proportion stolen from the home and the age/value profile of the car
  • Theft Risk Rating tool which highlights the theft risk of all cars aged less than 15 years. You can enter your vehicles' make/model/series and be provided with a security risk based on a '5 star' rating.

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