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Supporting the community

We are working on a range of initiatives to support the community.

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Community Event Grants Program

The Community Event Grants Program (including annual community events) is a divisionally-based program that is allocated funding each financial year to support community organisations to deliver community events that are open to the public and are in the public interest.

Who can apply?

Applicants must:

  • be a community organisation
  • operate within the Gold Coast
  • have an adequate level of public liability insurance for the project (where appropriate), and
  • not be an ineligible applicant.

Ineligible applicants are defined under City of Gold Coast's Community Grants Policy as:

  • City-controlled entities
  • Placemakers Gold Coast Ltd
  • Gold Coast Education and Training Network Incorporated
  • Gold Coast Tourism Corporation Ltd
  • community organisations that receive funding raised via any special rate, separate levy or charge of Council (e.g. Volunteer Fire Brigade Charge) in the same financial year in which an application for grant funding is received under this policy
  • political advocacy groups or those who provide political donations
  • government bodies (excluding primary and secondary schools)
  • political parties, chambers of commerce, industry association or body corporate
  • any community organisation that has an outstanding acquittal for grant funding received under this policy.

Event requirements

Applicants must be able to:

  • demonstrate that members of the public are not restricted in attending this event (not withstanding COVID-19 restrictions)
  • demonstrate that the primary purpose of the event is a general community benefit and not to benefit the community organisation, itself (e.g. annual awards night would not be supported)
  • demonstrate that the event will benefit residents of the Gold Coast
  • deliver the event within 12 months of the date of remittance of funds.

Events must not:

  • be funded from other Council sources
  • be used for repayment of a debt
  • be for the sole purpose of fundraising for transfer to a third party
  • have been delivered prior to remittance of funds.

Funding available

Applications from $250 to $50,000 are welcomed.

Please note: Division 6 will not be running a Community Events Grants program for the 2020-21 period as City of Gold Coast is activating a range of events in the Southport CBD and Broadwater Parklands. Community grant applications for projects and/or events that benefit the whole of the city can be submitted via the Community Grants Program. Round 2 of this program will open on 1 January 2021.

Program opening and closing dates

Applications for community event grants are currently open and are accepted and assessed on an ongoing basis. Please note that funding allocated may be exhausted prior to the end of the financial year.

Note: Applications must be received at least 1 month prior to the event date to allow time for processing. 

Apply online via City of Gold Coast SmartyGrants.

Acquittal requirements

All projects funded by the Community Event Grants Program over $2,000 must be acquitted within eight weeks of project completion or 12 months from the date of remittance of funds (whichever is earlier).

Any unspent or unacquitted funds must be returned to City along with the acquittal report.

More information

Contact us: Community Grants Administrator

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