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Free dog registration for seniors and veterans

Owners of desexed dogs may apply for fee relief for dog registrations if the owner is 60 years of age or over, or a veteran. This will reduce the registration fee to nil.  

Exclusions: please note this does not apply to dogs which are not desexed, or any desexed dog that has been declared as menacing or dangerous. Where a dog becomes a regulated dog (dangerous/menacing) after approval for free registration, this may constitute loss of entitlement and the nominal rate for the registration class will apply.

For details of fees and conditions for registration of such animals, please see our general dog registration page.

Existing dog registrations

Use the online form below to apply for fee relief* and a possible refund** for an existing dog registration.

Apply for a dog registration concession

Alternatively, find the link to a downloadable version of the 'Dog registration - senior or veteran fee relief for existing registrations' form below.

Completed application forms can be submitted at any of our customer service centres.

*Required documentation must accompany the application.
**All registration fees are exempt from GST.

New dog registrations

This relief will apply to the first two desexed dogs only. All other dogs registered will be at the nominal rate for the registration class. Proof of entitlement and desexing of dog will be required with the application.

Use our online form below to register your dog and apply for the fee relief for seniors or veterans.

Note: please select 'Desexed dog - owner over 60 years old (Senior)' or 'Desexed dog - DVA Card holder' in the list of options.

Register your dog online

Registration fees

Three registration periods option
(registered to 31 August 2022)
Desexed dogs – Senior owners Nil
Desexed dogs – Veteran owners Nil

Required documentation (must accompany application)

  • Proof of desexing:
    • a copy of the desexing certificate from the vet, or
    • a copy of a previous registration paper from another local government area which states the dog is desexed, or
    • a 'Dog desexing statutory declaration' (witnessed by a commissioner for declarations or Justice of the Peace) stating that the dog is desexed.
  • Proof of age or veteran status - examples:
    • Seniors card
    • Seniors +Go card
    • Adult proof of age card
    • Drivers licence
    • Australian Department of Veterans' Affairs gold, white or orange health card.

Other changes to dog registration

Find a link to application forms for the following types of requests below:

  • Dog registration refund of fees
  • Dog registration - transfer to new dog (transfer a current dog registration to a newly acquired dog)

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