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Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Restoration Program

By volunteering in a Bushcare or Landcare group you can help protect, maintain and enhance our natural areas and make a difference to your local, natural environment.

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Friends of Federation Walk

The Gold Coast's beautiful natural environment allows us to enjoy a lifestyle like no other city. You can play an active part in keeping it this way by joining the Friends of Federation Walk.

Take part in a variety of volunteer activities to protect the reserves environmental values. Such activities include:

  • identifying and controlling weeds
  • identifying and encouraging native species
  • planting native littoral rainforest trees.

Current project

The group are currently working in partnership with the City’s Beaches to Bushland Volunteer Landcare Program. They are restoring Federation Walk Coastal Reserve through planting over 10,000 littoral rainforest plant species each year.

Site aims

  • help the City restore Federation Walk Coastal Reserve. This will also enhance environmental, aesthetic and recreational values
  • encourage active community involvement and ownership of the reserve
  • promote growth of existing native species by controlling weeds
  • provide learning opportunities for local landholders in ecological restoration
  • increase community awareness about significant conservation values and management issues of this area
  • improve and increase habitat opportunities for native wildlife
  • restore and improve the structure of the existing native vegetation within the park
  • provide opportunities for the community to connect with other like-minded people.

You can take a 360-degree walking tour of the site..

Our group meet on the last Saturday of the month, bi-monthly, from 8am to 10am.

You can find our dates and times via the online Beaches to Bushland calendar. You must register to take part. Once registered, you will receive all the required details including a site map. The group will notify you of any changes or cancellation.

If you need assistance or have further enquiries you can also contact our Natural Areas Management Unit on 07 5581 1537 or

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