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Gold Coast cemeteries

City of Gold Coast owns and operates eight cemeteries across the city, offering pleasant and cost-effective burial and ashes sites.

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Find a glossary of terms used in the Cemeteries section of the website below:

Garden of Remembrance

Ashes are placed in a garden of remembrance with a plaque. These are available at some cemeteries. A memorial plaque is placed on the site as a remembrance to the deceased person. Single, double and family sites are available at various cemeteries.

Burial right holder

This refers to the right you or anyone you nominate to be buried in the portion of land (grave) over which you hold the exclusive right of burial.


This memorial, especially for the placement of ashes is available at some cemeteries. The columbarium niche includes a plaque, fixed in front of the niche that holds the ashes. Single, double and triple niches are available at various cemeteries.


Also referred to as burial.

Lawn section

Lawn sections cater for burials where a monument or a grave surround is not required. A memorial tablet or plague is placed either on the gravesite or a concrete beam and the surrounds are turfed. Only City of Gold Coast's cemeteries staff maintain the turfed areas.


Gardens of Remembrance and columbarium walls are available. A memorial plaque and the ashes are placed in a garden site or niche wall. Where there are no ashes, a plaque only can be placed at the site. Sites can be pre-purchased.

Memorial plaque

A memorial plaque is a way of commemorating a person's life. It can provide a focal point of remembrance. Bronze memorial plaques are available in various sizes, according to the section in which the plaque is to be placed.


A commemorative structure over a gravesite.

Monument section

Standard headstone and grave surrounds can be in this section, with above and below ground vaults. You will need to obtain a permit from the City prior to starting works.


Burial rights to gravesites are sold in perpetuity. This means you have the burial rights to the gravesite forever.

Pre-payment of burial / interment fee

A burial or interment fee can pre-paid. Payment can be finalised by contacting the City during business hours.

Pre-purchase of gravesite

Burial rights to a gravesite can be pre-purchased. The burial rights are purchased in perpetuity. This can be arranged by contacting the City during business hours.