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Gold Coast cemeteries

City of Gold Coast owns and operates eight cemeteries across the city, offering pleasant and cost-effective burial and ashes sites.

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Gold Coast cemeteries

Southport general cemetery rose garden

City of Gold Coast owns and operates eight cemeteries, offering pleasant and cost-effective burial and ashes sites.

There are lawn and monumental sites for burials, which are purchased in perpetuity, and memorial sites for the placement of ashes.

A newly developed area within Alberton Cemetery is now open for natural burials.

Burial and ashes memorial sites are available in all of our cemeteries.

Find the link to cemetery fees and frequently asked questions below.

Cemetery regeneration

The City is planning ahead to provide cemetery services to the community now and in the future. From June 2020, works will be undertaken to regenerate the Southport Lawn and Southport General Cemeteries.

To find out more go to our Cemetery regeneration project page.

Opening hours

City of Gold Coast's cemeteries can be visited every day from 6.30am to 6.30pm.

Contact details

Our staff are happy to answer any questions and will consider special requests relating to cultures, customs, religious beliefs and traditions.

To arrange a personal appointment or to have forms mailed to you, contact our administration team.

We can also help with enquiries about our cemeteries' burial records.

Office hours: 8am to 4.40pm - Monday to Friday (except public holidays)
Phone: 07 5581 6640

City of Gold Coast - Cemeteries Administration
PO Box 5042

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  • How do I find a relative buried at a City of Gold Coast cemetery?

    We are currently working on an online tool for you to use. However, until then please call Cemeteries on 07 5581 6640 for all enquiries regarding our burial records.

  • Can a second burial occur in a grave?

    Yes. Adult graves are dug to a double depth to allow for two burials. This may exclude burials in monumental sites where access may not be possible. Most children's graves are dug to a single depth unless otherwise requested. Coffins are not disturbed when reopening a grave.

  • Is it possible to have a grave dug deep enough for three burials?

    Yes, with an extra charge. The request needs to be made at the time of the first burial.

  • Can I place flowers on graves?

    Yes, flowers may be placed on gravesites. One vase only is permitted in lawn cemeteries, which City of Gold Coast does supply. Glass jars are not permitted in any cemetery.

  • Can I place flowers in Gardens of Remembrance?

    Yes, fresh flowers only and in a City of Gold Coast supplied vase.

  • Can I place more than one plaque in a lawn section?

    No. If there is to be more than one interment in a grave site a double or triple plaque may need to be purchased.

  • Can burials take place at weekends or public holidays?

    Yes, there is an extra charge.

  • Can ashes be placed in existing family graves?

    Yes there is a small charge, but no limit on the number of ashes placed.

  • Can ashes be placed in cemeteries?

    Yes. There are specific areas set aside in some cemeteries for ashes interments such as gardens of remembrance and niches in columbarium walls.

  • Can all cemetery services be purchased prior to need?

    Yes, burial rights and interment fee/s can be prepaid for gravesites, but not the memorial plaque. Plaques are only purchased at need.

    Ashes memorial sites can also be pre-purchased, i.e. ashes gardens and columbarium niches. Interment fees may be applicable at the time of interment.

  • Can a relative of a deceased be buried in an existing grave?

    After the death of the person, Council may permit a descendant or relative of the person, or the ashes of a descendant or relative, to be buried in the plot if there is sufficient room for more than one person to be buried in the plot.

  • Can a memorial be placed in a cemetery without any ashes being placed?

    Yes, at Southport Lawn and Mudgeeraba cemeteries only.


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