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City of Gold Coast works hard to address issues that affect everyone in the community as well as identifying groups that need specialised support.

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Illegal business

City of Gold Coast can advise what land use and building approvals are in place throughout the city.

Should you believe that someone is conducting an illegal business or one which does not comply with the conditions of its approval, you will need to make your complaint in writing to:

Chief Executive Officer
City of Gold Coast
PO Box 5042

Please visit our Report a problem - Planning and Building compliance page if would prefer to submit your report online.

The identity of complainants is protected under the Queensland Government's Freedom of Information legislation, which means it will not be divulged to any party by the City. The vast majority of complaints are resolved before court action becomes necessary.

However, complainants should note that if a matter reaches the court, they could be called to give evidence. 

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