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Junior Council

Junior Council is a student leadership and civic program for young people in grades 10 and 11 attending high schools within the Gold Coast region.

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Junior Council

Click to enlarge2020 Junior Executive committee

2020 Junior Council Executive

The Junior Council is a student leadership program for Year 10 and 11 students from local Gold Coast high schools.

Through exploration of civic leadership, this two-year program provides students with the opportunity to actively participate in their local community, by

  • developing an understanding of local government
  • discussing and raising awareness of current community issues, and
  • enhancing skills required for effective advocacy, such as public speaking and team work, through workshops and volunteer opportunities.

Our program provides an effective platform to consult with young people, to exchange ideas and learn about local government process, and ultimately foster active and engaged young leaders on the Gold Coast.
2021 will mark the 29th year of Junior Council, and with your involvement, we anticipate that it will be another successful year!

Visit YouTube to view the 2020 Junior Council Executive candidate speeches


The City of Gold Coast Junior Council program aims to provide young people with:

  • Citizenship
    Better understanding of the role and functions of local government, the Gold Coast community and local issues.
  • Participation
    Opportunities to have a voice: raise issues, exchange ideas, discuss community issues and provide input into City planning, programs and services.
    Opportunities to develop important skills including communication, consultation, leadership and program development.
  • Consultation
    Opportunities for young people to be involved in decision-making processes.
  • Community
    A sense of community through active participation in Gold Coast community life and meeting like-minded people.


Application to Junior Council is through a membership process.

Each school is invited to nominate two students to enter the program per year. Students cannot join without school registration. Students who wish to register for the program should contact their individual high schools. Students in grades 10 and 11 are eligible to apply for membership. Students join in Grade 10 and continue to complete the program in Grade 11.

School and student membership applications open in October for the following year and close in early February.

For further information about Junior Council, please contact the Junior Council Coordinator on 07 5581 6642 or

Year (2021) Program registration

For schools

To register your school for the 2021 Junior Council Program complete the following School Membership Form.

Register online

For students

To register your participation in the 2021 Junior Council Program please complete the Student Membership Form and the Junior Council Media Consent Form.

2020 Junior Council Cohort

Junior Council video

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  • What is Junior Council?

    Junior Council is a student leadership and civic program for young people in years 10 and 11 attending high schools in the Gold Coast region. The two-year program provides students with the opportunity to develop skills in the areas of communication and leadership, whilst learning about local government and community issues.

    The program is open to all Gold Coast High Schools which register with the program along with their student candidates. Students enter the program in grade 10 as junior participants and progress to senior members in grade 11. As seniors, participants are eligible to nominate for Executive Committee positions (including Junior Mayor, Deputy Junior Mayor and Executive Team members).

    The Junior Council has been operating for over 20 years and is the largest Junior Council in Queensland, possibly Australia.

  • How can I apply to become a Junior Council student member?

    Student application to Junior Council can be made by young people in Year 10 who attend a Gold Coast State or private high school.

    Student membership registration takes place annually at the beginning of the academic year with students applying to Junior Council via their school contact (Junior Council School Liaison). Students wanting to participate can also contact the City of Gold Coast's Junior Council Coordinator who can link them to their Junior Council School Liaison.

    Participating schools must register annually with the Junior Council program. Each school is invited to nominate two students to enter the program per year and no student can join without school registration.

    Junior Council is a City-sponsored youth program offered free of charge to participants and their schools. Applications to Junior Council are made via a membership registration form available online at

  • What do you do at Junior Council?

    Junior Council is a leadership and civic program, providing opportunities for young people to 'have a voice', raise issues, exchange ideas, discuss community issues and provide input into City of Gold Coast planning, programs and services.

    Students are given the opportunity to meet young people from a variety of backgrounds, interests and schools. The program is dynamic and varied, incorporating themes suggested by students such as multiculturalism and the environment. Through the Junior Council program, students are exposed to a range of guest speakers, participate in workshops, and have the opportunity to engage in a variety of interesting activities.


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