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A celebration of our friendly Gold Coast lifestyle where people look out for each other to create strong, safe communities.

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City Connect – Know your neighbours

Our City Connect program provides opportunities for residents to build a strong community by connecting with each other and the City, including during the current pandemic.

Knowing your neighbours is a great way to create safe communities where we look out for each other. We encourage you to get to know your neighbours at any time of year. Whether through a phone call, a message of support or by assisting with a grocery drop off, it all helps.

If you have neighbours who are self-isolating/quarantining at this time, print out and use the Queensland Health assistance card to help make their lives a little easier. Self-isolating/quarantining can make it difficult to do basic tasks like going to the post office, picking up a script or buying groceries. Small actions to help can make a big difference.

Visit our community support page for additional COVID-19 information.

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