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Strong community vision

City of Gold Coast works hard to address issues that affect everyone in our community. We also identify and work with groups that need specialised support.

National Relay Service for the hearing impaired Language translation services

People with disabilities

Creating an accessible and inclusive city

Our aim is to create a city where people of all ages and abilities can live, visit and do business. Find details about our work to create an accessible city, plus contacts for community programs, support services and more information below.

Draft Accessible and Inclusive City Action Plan 2020-2025

We have developed a new draft Accessible and Inclusive City Action Plan (AICAP) 2020–2025 to ensure that we continue to meet the needs of people with disability, their friends, families, carers and seniors.

For more information visit our AICAP page.

Beach access

The City provides and supports a range of initiatives to increase access to our beaches. This includes accessible viewing platforms, beach matting and beach wheelchairs.

For more information visit our Beach access page.

Changing Places - toilets

We have installed Changing Places toilets and adult-sized changing facilities at locations around the Gold Coast. These toilets have wider doorways, an adjustable height change table and a ceiling tracking hoist and shower.

For more information visit our Changing Places - toilets page.

Mobility maps

Our mobility maps provide accessibility information to assist residents and visitors to plan their stay and move around the city safely.

For more information please visit our Mobility maps page.

Community information and support

We provide an online community directory with contacts for everything from legal advice and advocacy, to the hire of assistive products and equipment.

To access the directory visit the Gold Coast Community Directory.

Accessible programs and activities

There's a range of programs and activities on offer in our city. For more information visit our Accessible programs and activities page.

Assistance services at home

We provide assistance, resources and community contacts for at home services. For more information visit our Assistance for people with a disability page.

Discounts and concessions

People with a disability may be eligible for discounts and concessions to assist with the cost of living. For more information visit our Discounts and concessions page.

Accessible facilities and services for children

The City provides accessible play spaces, resources and contact information for families. Visit our Accessible facilities and services for children page for more information.

Transport and parking

There are various accessible transport options available in the city. For more information visit our Community transport page.

Recharge points for powered mobility devices

We provide a city-wide network of designated, free to use power points for people to safely recharge the battery of their powered mobility device. For more information visit our Recharge points for powered mobility devices page.

Access to information

We endeavour to provide information that is accessible to everyone. If you require information in an alternate format, please contact us.

For information to assist with resolving or reporting a problem, visit our Report a problem page.

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