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City of Gold Coast works hard to address issues that affect everyone in the community as well as identifying groups that need specialised support.

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Recharge points for electric mobility devices

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We have partnered with Recharge Scheme Australia to provide a citywide network of designated, free to use power points for people to safely recharge the battery of their electric mobility device. 

The national RECHARGE Scheme™ operates in partnership with local governments, businesses and community organisations to designate Recharge Point™ locations so electric wheelchair and mobility scooter users can move around with certainty and confidence.

Designated Recharge Points™ have appropriate access requirements to ensure that users can travel easily and safely.

Free Recharge Points™ are now located at:

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Look for the Recharge Point™ logo displayed at participating facilities.

Logos will be placed above or near the power point designated as a Recharge Point™.

Future Recharge Points™ are planned for other City facilities and Gold Coast businesses.

For more information, or if you are interested in your business becoming a designated ‘recharge point’, please contact the Safe and Liveable Communities Branch by email or phone 07 5581 6642.

Mobility scooter use

For information about mobility scooters in Australia and safe mobility scooter use visit the Product Safety Australia website.

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