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Safety audit program

Safety audit program - policewoman consulting residents

A safety audit is an assessment of a public space or facility using Crime Prevention through Environmental Design (CPTED) principles. CPTED uses the design and management of the built environment to reduce opportunities for crime, anti-social behaviour and graffiti.

City of Gold Coast partners with Queensland Police Service, Neighbourhood Watch and other key stakeholders to conduct safety audits throughout the city. Residents are often invited to participate so that a wide range of information about the safety of a public area is provided.

Audits are conducted when we receive information that a space may be vulnerable to anti-social behaviour or crime. Following assessment and consultation, recommendations are often made to the owners of the space for improvements.

CPTED principles include:

  • maximise natural surveillance so that people can see what other people are doing
  • promote safe pedestrian movement in public spaces between areas of activity, incorporating:
    • clear sight lines
    • well defined paths of travel
    • eliminating potential concealment and entrapment areas
  • promote a clear definition of the ownership of space and its intended use, encouraging people to protect the territory that they feel is their own and respect the territory of others
  • promote the design of places and signage that enables clear orientation and navigation through a site (legibility)
  • ensure that spaces and features are well cared for and appropriately used, promoting respect for the property of others and discouraging inappropriate activities.

The City also applies CPTED principles in the planning and design of new public spaces and facilities.

For further information contact:

Safe and Liveable Communities

The Queensland Government has developed Crime Prevention through Environmental Design Guidelines for Queensland including resources to support the undertaking of a Safety Audit.

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