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Delivering services and initiatives that promote a sense of personal safety, well-being and belonging within the community.

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Safety & security

The City has numerous proactive measures to assist and promote community safety for Gold Coast residents and visitors alike. 

Gold Coast Safety Camera Network

Find information about our safety camera network, and camera locations.

Neighbourhood Watch

Neighbourhood Watch aims to minimise the incidence of preventable crime, increase the incidence of reporting crime to the Police, improve the level of personal and household security and to improve the relationship between local Police and community. Learn how to get involved.

Safer Suburbs Awards

Are you or someone you know actively working to make our suburbs safer? Nominate them for our biennial Safer Suburbs Awards.

Home safely

If you're planning a night out, make sure the plan includes getting home safely. Know your public transport options and follow these safety tips.

Personal safety

Feeling safe and confident helps us to stay mobile and makes it easier to enjoy personal safety, community life and recreational activities.

Business safety

You can help reduce the risk of crime to your business by being aware and using preventative strategies to tighten security and improve business safety procedures.

Bike theft prevention

Be informed about bike theft and take simple steps to reduce the likelihood of it happening to you.

Car theft prevention

Be informed about car theft and take simple steps to reduce the likelihood of it happening to you.

Safety information card

The City has developed a wallet-sized Safety Information card containing contact details of support services who may be of assistance in times of need.

Safety audit program

The City of Gold Coast partners with Queensland Police Service, Neighbourhood Watch and other key stakeholders to conduct safety audits throughout the city.

Defibrillators for community access

To enhance public safety and support the community in an emergency Heartstart First Aid Defibrillators have been installed in some of the City's facilities.

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