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Film Attraction Program Application Form


The City of Gold Coast Film Attraction Program is designed to provide support to film, television and related productions who are considering City of Gold Coast as a film location.

The Film Attraction Program will be targeted towards any film production that meets the following guidelines and eligibility criteria. This includes but is not limited to:

  1. Feature films
  2. Documentaries
  3. Television production
  4. Mini-series

Applications for funding under the Film Attraction Program must be submitted to Council prior to the conclusion of pre-production.

Film Attraction guidelines and eligibility

Before completing the Film Attraction Program application form, please refer to the following guidelines.

To be eligible for claim a rebate for an eligible production the production company will need to:

  1. Submit this application for approval of funding prior to the conclusion of preproduction including supporting evidence (budget topsheet and letter from producer outlining proposed City of Gold Coast spend will be required before the application can be submitted)
  2. Accept the terms and conditions as outlined by Council of City of Gold Coast should a financial offer to support the project be made
  3. Expend a minimum of $1.5 million within the City of Gold Coast on that specific production. City of Gold Coast spend will be calculated as a percentage of the total Queensland spend should any activities be conducted outside of the City of Gold Coast. It is the responsibility of the production company to provide sufficient justification to Council of this amount.
  4. Submit the required evidence as outlined by City of Gold Coast's offer letter to claim the rebate within three months of the completion of the Gold Coast component of the production

Please note that approval of financial assistance is at the discretion of Council and is not an entitlement.

Applicant information

Please note that the information provided within your application will be used for the purpose of determining an applicant’s eligibility for funding under the Council of City of Gold Coast's Film Attraction Program.

The Confidentiality and Privacy Statements below outline how the Council of City of Gold Coast uses this information and under what circumstances this information may be disclosed to third parties.

Otherwise, the applicant’s personal information will not be disclosed to any person or agency without the applicant’s express consent.


The Council of City of Gold Coast will not reveal to any person any of the confidential information that comes to its knowledge through this eligibility survey.

Information Privacy Statement

The Council of City of Gold Coast treats all the personal information provided by applicants to the Film Attraction Program in accordance with the Information Privacy Act 2009. The Council of City of Gold Coast collects and uses this personal information:

  1. to administer and assess the eligibility of applicants for financial support under the Film Attraction Program
  2. to provide the applicant with information on any future film assistance programs
  3. to survey financial assistance recipients as part of the Council of City of Gold Coast's service delivery assessment.

Submitting the Application

  • Applicants will be required to disclose details of their directors, shareholders, financial history etc, as appropriate.
  • Applicants will also be required to authorise Council of City of Gold Coast to undertake any necessary due diligence and credit checks. This information will be treated as strictly commercial-in-confidence.
  • In some instances, Council of City of Gold Coast may request additional information for further assessment post application lodgement.
  • Following the assessment process, applicants will be notified in writing of the outcome of their application. As a general requirement, assistance will only be provided after a formal agreement has been executed by the applicant and the department, which sets out the terms and conditions of the financial assistance approved.
  • If successful, specific conditions may be outlined in the formal agreement, which may vary on a case by case basis.


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