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Have your say on a development application – submission form

Use this form to lodge your support for, or objection to, a development application which has been submitted to the City of Gold Coast. Please note that submissions on a development application are not confidential and will be displayed on PD Online on the City of Gold Coast’s website. Once a decision has been made, the assessment manager must provide a copy of the decision notice to each submitter, after the applicant’s appeal period.

Please read the information on our web page before making your submission.

Please note: For applications lodged after 28 June 2018, please have your say using the following form.

Privacy statement

Council of the City of Gold Coast (Council) is collecting your personal information in accordance with the Planning Act 2016. The information will only be used by authorised Council officers in order to accept and assess your submission, and ensuring our records are accurate. Your information will be displayed through PD Online on the City of Gold Coast’s website in order to display a complete application history.

Application details

Please provide the application number and click on the validate button.


If the application number is unknown please refer to PD Online

Submitter details
Submission details


When stating the grounds of your submission, it is important to focus on planning issues and how the proposed use is or is not consistent with the City Plan.

Please note that files can be no larger than 10mb, and a maximum of three (3) files can be submitted

I understand and acknowledge that:

  • The information provided in this submission is true and correct.
  • I have read the privacy notice as stated on this form.
  • This submission will be displayed through PD Online on the City of Gold Coast’s website.
  • I acknowledge Queensland State Laws will accept this communication as containing my signature within the meaning of the Electronic Transactions (Queensland) Act 2001 which can be found on the Queensland Legislation website.