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Portable hydration station booking enquiry form

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Use this form to submit a booking request for portable hydration stations. One of our team will contact you within five (5) working days to progress your request.

Eligibility criteria

Each request to loan portable hydration stations will be assessed on a case-by-case basis using the following criteria. Confirmed bookings are dependent on the availability of units and borrowing limits. You must meet all of these requirements to be eligible to loan a portable hydration station:

  • The event is a Gold Coast not-for-profit community event with at least 500 people expected (no private parties; local clean-up events may be approved on request).
  • The applicant holds current Public Liability Insurance of $10 million (a copy of which can be provided upon request).
  • The event location has easy access to mains water and water tap connection (units must be situated within five (5) metres of a mains water tap).
  • The set-up location has adequate drainage.
  • A minimum of two weeks’ notice prior to the event has been provided.
  • The event organiser agrees to be responsible for promoting drinking tap water and the location of hydration stations.
  • The event organiser agrees to be responsible for the safe transportation of the units.
  • Please note: Portable hydration stations are not available for loan during the month of November. If you have an event scheduled for November, please contact us for advice on alternative hydration options for your event.
Contact information

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Postal address details
Booking details

Guidelines for hire

  1. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to arrange collection and return of hydration stations (units) from a specified location (details to be provided once booking is confirmed).
  2. A demonstration of set up, safe operation and pack-down will be provided (as required for existing users).
  3. Each refill unit measures 130 x 47 x 50 centimetres, weighs approximately 20 kilograms and comes in a carry bag (with wheels). Each fountain is approximately half the size of the refill unit. It is the responsibility of the event organiser to safely store and transport units to and from events.
  4. It is the responsibility of the event organisers to ensure that a site specific risk assessment is completed for the operation of hydration stations.
  5. During events, hydration stations need to be located near a mains water tap (within five (5) metres), visible and accessible by event attendees.
  6. The portable units support the Choose Tap project and aim to improve accessibility to tap water, and to provide additional refill points for the community.
  7. If you are posting on social media anything relating to the hydration stations, or the Choose Tap message, please acknowledge the City of Gold Coast.
  8. Each unit contains a water meter, which can measure the volume of water used during any particular event, and the corresponding number of bottles saved from going to landfill or ending up in the environment. Remember to take a reading prior to the start of the event, and after the event.
  9. Prior to returning hydration stations, make sure they are clean, all water has been emptied from hoses and all tap fittings and components are returned.

Terms and conditions

By booking one or more hydration stations for the event specified in this booking, I agree to abide by the following terms and conditions:

  1. I hold a current Public Liability policy with a limit of liability of no less than $10 million per claim, a copy of which is to be provided at the time of booking. I understand that the City of Gold Coast reserves the right to request a higher limit of liability if it determines the event to be a high risk.
  2. I acknowledge that the items I receive from the City of Gold Coast remain the property of the City of Gold Coast.
  3. I will inspect, and ensure the condition of the unit(s) receives my endorsement, before removing them from City of Gold Coast's premises.
  4. I agree to only use the units received from the City of Gold Coast for the purpose of providing access to drinking water.
  5. I will obtain permission from the owner of the site to connect any hydration station to the drinking water mains prior to connection.
  6. I will follow the correct setup of the unit(s), including the dismantling/pack-down procedure; according to the manufacturer's instructions provided with the unit(s).
  7. I will ensure all hoses and attachments are suitably managed and do not create a trip hazard.
  8. I acknowledge and agree that hydration stations have limitations in the water pressure and temperature of the water provided.
  9. I agree to be wholly responsible for the safety and security of the units, and any effect the units may have on people and property nearby, for the time between receiving the items and returning them to the City of Gold Coast.
  10. I will ensure supervision of the unit(s) for the duration of the event to ensure they are being used correctly.
  11. I will not use the unit(s) during high winds or bad weather that may cause them damage.
  12. I agree that the City of Gold Coast reserves the right to seek restitution for any damage or theft that occurs during the hire period, irrespective of the circumstances. Should any damage occur to the unit(s), I will discontinue use immediately and contact the City of Gold Coast at the earliest opportunity.
  13. I will ensure the units are stored safely and securely prior to and after events (this includes transportation to and from the event/s).
  14. I will ensure the units and all associated components are returned within 48 hours after the event, to ensure their availability for future bookings.

To the extent permitted by law, I release and indemnify the Council of the City of Gold Coast and each of their respective, officers, employees, contractors, volunteers or agents from any injury, loss or damage of any kind suffered as a result of the hire and use of the portable hydration station(s), including personal injury, illness or death and/or loss or damage to any property arising either directly or indirectly out of the hire and use of the portable hydration station(s).

By ticking the box below, I hereby acknowledge that I have read the terms and conditions and I fully understand their content. I accept the terms and conditions and agree to be bound by them in relation to the hire and use of the portable hydration station(s).


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