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City services

City of Gold Coast provides a vast array of community services and facilities, including the maintenance of beaches, roads and walkways, sporting grounds, parks and gardens, community centres, libraries, the protection of threatened plants and animals, the collection and disposal of waste and recyclables and numerous other community projects.

For useful information on how we can help you, please visit our City of Gold Coast services page.

Maintenance fast facts

The following facts and figures provide an illustration of the scope of our services.

Note: The figures below are approximate and were sourced in 2013. They are provided for the interest of our readers and the official statistics may vary slightly depending on interpretation/context. They are provided in good faith and are not to be used or reproduced in any other publication. Please contact us if you have any questions.

City cleaning

Our City Cleaning team keeps the Gold Coast looking pristine and provides a range of cleaning services to maintain facilities and locations, including:

  • beaches along our 57 kilometre coastline
  • 2270 kilometres of paths and walkways
  • 3220 kilometres of roadways
  • 800 kilometres of bikeways
  • Cavill, Broadbeach and Southport Malls
  • 2390 public bins serviced daily, removing 50 tonnes of rubbish per week.

Approximately 25 cubic metres of rubbish is removed from our beaches every week.

Primary asset types maintained

  • 2850 kilometres of sealed roads
  • 35 kilometres of unsealed roads
  • 5210 kilometres of kerb and channel 
  • 545 kilometres of sealed footpaths/bikeways
  • 570 road bridges/major culverts 
  • 95 footbridges 
  • 1000 stormwater quality improvement devices
  • 27,235 stormwater manholes 
  • 76,305 stormwater inlet gullies 
  • 12,000 stormwater inlet/outlet structures
  • 2375 kilometres of stormwater drainage pipes/culverts 
  • 335 kilometres of stormwater open drains 
  • 50 kilometres of beach protection fencing 
  • 400 kilometres of waterways 
  • 235 foreshore structures 
  • 50 coastal viewing platforms 
  • 25 beach stormwater outlets

Building maintenance

Almost 30,000 repairs and maintenance, graffiti removal and construction jobs to a value of around $24 million are undertaken by the City's Building Maintenance team annually, using building trades and services such as electrical, plumbing, carpentry, concreting, tiling, painting, lifts, auto doors, heating ventilation and air conditioning. This includes repairs and maintenance of:

We attend to 9000 requests to remove graffiti throughout the Gold Coast area annually, including from Energex assets and private property, and maintain over 6000 assets on planned maintenance programs.

Construction projects

  • over 250 construction projects per year
  • over $8 million of construction work per year.

Includes the likes of:

  • building alterations and refurbishments
  • construction of park shelters and shade structures
  • office alterations
  • demolitions
  • park barbecue installations
  • street and park light installations
  • heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations.

Park and landscape maintenance

Our Parks and Landscape Maintenance team receives about 30,100 requests annually from Councillors and customers.

Programmed works include proactive and reactive maintenance involving the following areas and assets:

  • 2175 parks, covering 15,432 hectares
  • 206 hectares of managed vegetated beach dune area
  • Gold Coast Regional Botanic Gardens
  • 266 sports fields (approximately 200 hectares)  
  • 538 playgrounds across the city
  • 849 hectares of utility reserves
  • 12 hectares of community facility land
  • Area of Conservation Estate (excluding National Parks and Conservation Parks managed by others)" 12.647 hectares
  • 9000 free trees received by the community
  • 950 trees planted annually by the City
  • 3374 rubbish bins in precincts, parks, road reserves areas services from twice daily to once weekly
  • 232 public toilet blocks maintained
  • 38 skateboard and BMX tracks
  • 8 aquatic centres

Find some frequently asked questions about park and landscape maintenance below.

Related information

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  • I am worried about a tree on City controlled property, what can I do about it?

    Please contact us and we will arrange for an officer to inspect the tree and surrounding area. Don’t attempt to do any work on the tree yourself. 

    If the tree you are concerned about is on City-controlled, public property please call 07 5667 5974. If you require a tree on City land removed, a tree removal form must be completed. The form is available for download on our Tree removal - public land page, or you can contact 07 5667 5974 for a form to be mailed to you.

    If you are concerned about a tree on private property, you can contact 07 5582 8688.

  • If a park, sports field or garden bed looks untidy, who do I contact?

    Gold Coast parks are maintained by the City on a regular basis. However, if a park needs attention, please call 07 5667 5974. Alternatively, you can fill out an online form.

  • Will the City mow my nature strip?

    Nature strip maintenance is the responsibility of the resident, however, written requests are considered to assist residents who can demonstrate financial or medical hardship.

    All nature strip mowing applications are to be submitted in writing to Gold Coast Parks, PO Box 5042, GCMC, QLD 9726 and should include the following:

    • name, address and phone number, and
    • a medical certificate from a registered physician which states you are unable to mow your nature strip area due to medical reasons. Other documentation demonstrating your physical incapacity such as a disability card or participation in programs such as Home Care or Blue Nursing will suffice, and
    • a Statutory Declaration stating that you do not have the financial capacity to employ a contractor to perform the service (documentary support of you pensioner status will suffice), or
    • advice that the topographical nature of your footpath prevents you from mowing.

    In accordance with our Nature Strip Footpath/Road Verge Mowing Policy, this service will be reviewed annually to ensure residents remain eligible and to maintain the accuracy of the City's mowing service records. We require applications including the above information to be updated and resubmitted on an annual basis. The Medical Certificate is not required if the original confirmed a permanent disability. Applicants will be allowed a two-month period to resubmit applications before any termination of services.

  • If play equipment or shade sails need to be repaired, who do I call?

    You can report the problem via our online form or call Parks Maintenance Services on 07 5667 5974.

  • Who do I contact for other park maintenance enquiries?

    You can fill out our online report a problem form or contact City Maintenance on 07 5667 5974 for the following:

    • barbecue hot water not working
    • lights in parks not working
    • leaking taps/showers in parks or beach
    • damaged picnic facilities
    • damaged irrigation
    • graffiti on City property.


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