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Community Support Package 2020

The City recognises the impact of COVID-19 on residents, businesses and the wider community. In response and as part of the 2020-21 Budget, we have developed a $26.9 million support package for community and business to offer assistance through this challenging time.

Find details of our community support package below.

Rebate on rates for Principal Place of Residence ratepayers

This $9.1 million package means all Principal Place of Residence ratepayers will receive a financial rebate of $64 on their annual rates, which will benefit 137,800 properties.

Concession for non owner-occupier ratepayers on a payment plan

To ease the financial burden on those who are not Principal Place of Residence ratepayers and are in an agreed payment plan, this $600,000 initiative enables them to receive a rebate equal to five (5) per cent of the general rate amount if their rates bill is paid within 120 days.

Interest rate on overdue rates capped at three (3) per cent

All overdue rates attract penalty interest, which would have been set at 8.52 per cent under the Local Government Act 2009 (Qld). In a provision worth $1.3 million, the interest rate on all overdue rates will be capped at three (3) per cent.

Please note: people on payment arrangements are not charged interest.

No price increase on water and sewerage charges

This $3.6 million initiative means 248,970 residential water customers and 16,300 non-residential sewer customers will benefit.

Please note: additional State charges for water consumption are out of Council’s control.

Water and sewerage hardship program

This $2.15 million provision is for residential and business customers experiencing financial difficulties in paying their water and sewerage bills.

This includes:

  • the penalty interest rate on all overdue rates being reduced from 8.53 per cent to 3 per cent
  • the provision of financial counselling using external financial planners to customers who are having difficulty paying their water bills
  • giving eligible customers assistance to identify and repair minor leaks and install water saving devices
  • identified commercial customers will have smart meters installed at no cost to prevent water loss.

Water, waste and energy efficiency support program

In partnership with the State Government Ecobiz program, this program will assist small businesses on ways to reduce their energy, water and waste costs. The program is expected to commence in September 2020.

Rent relief for community organisations

In an initiative worth $183,165 rent relief will be provided on community facility leases for 12 months, which will benefit 320 Not For Profit (NFP) organisations.

Rent relief for eligible surf and sports clubs

Twelve months rent relief will be granted to liquor licence holders at 41 eligible surf and sports clubs, in a package worth $248,987.

Rent relief for sporting organisations at major venues

Community lease relief will be provided to 16 NFP sporting organisations for six months (until 31 December 2020) at a cost of $114,919.

Waiver of hire fees for sports facilities and City community centres

Fees on sports fields and courts will be waived for 2020-21, which will benefit 128 organisations, in a support package worth $228,000.

Hire fees at City community centres will be waived for one month when reopened, benefitting 780 groups in an initiative valued at $100,000.

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