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Disasters can happen quickly, sometimes without warning, so having your emergency plan in place is vital. Discover easy steps to keep your family, pets and property safe.

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Evacuation plan

Sometimes the safest action is to leave a building or evacuate an area. The City of Gold Coast has a list of evacuation centres that can be used during a natural disaster. Most of the approved locations are schools and community centres. The approved venues are spread across the city.

The City does not publish the list of these centres as each natural weather or disaster event is different and which centres are open is entirely dependent on the actual event, including having safe road access to the centres.

To publish the full list would give some residents the incorrect assumption that a centre listed in their area is the actual centre that will operate during an event. That may not be the case. The City will provide full details as to which centres are open and "active", according to each natural weather event. Residents will be given ample time and notice about the chosen evacuation centre.

Before an incident occurs, you should decide when and where you would evacuate to and where you would meet if you weren't able to return home. If you do decide to evacuate:

  • listen for warnings and advice from Queensland Police Service and other authorities about the need to evacuate
  • leave as early as possible (even hours before in the case of bushfires)
  • allow for special needs of infants, the elderly and people with disabilities
  • don't forget the needs of your pets (pets are generally not accepted at evacuation centres)
  • park your car under cover, with a full fuel tank and a plan for alternative safe routes.

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